14 Year Old Killers – Was this only jealousy?

    14 year old killers
    Kim Edwards and her boyfriend Lucas Markham

    This is a tragic story of two 14 year old killers. We have sadly come use to seeing stories of parents killing their kids but this is a sad reversal. We never want to think our kids may have evil in them sadly it can be true. Young children becoming murderers is something I struggle to accept. Is it psychological or perhaps environmental? I am not going to explore that route instead I will just be focusing on this tragedy.

    Fourteen-year-old Kim Edwards and her boyfriend, Lucas Markham planned to kill Kim’s mother Liz and her 13 year old sister Katie. After the gruesome murders the pair watched the Twilight movies, had sex, and ate ice-cream.

    How do you become 14 year old killers?

    Simply being jealous that her mother gives more attention to her sister seems too simplistic for me. There has to be deeper routed issues. These two clearly had tendencies and desires to kill before this pre meditated act. I will not insinuate upbringing as I know nothing of their childhoods. What I do know is a mother and a little child were viciously murdered. This was a long painful death. Clearly hate filled and personal.

    Warning to all readers the details of this case are disturbing. Having the mentality to brutally stab someone then lay on their body smothering them as they fight for their life is a trait of a true sociopath. What is running through the mind of this women fighting to survive while her daughter holds her hand.

    Excerpt from the link below:

    When they were sure she was dead, the two children went next door to the bedroom that Kim shared with her 13-year-old sister, Katie. Once more, Lucas stabbed her repeatedly in the throat before suffocating her with a pillow. Kim heard her sister’s last words, a muffled: “I can’t…” in what she called a “scary voice… all croaky.”