created Fathers and Kids with the intent of creating a better world for my little princess to grow up in. I believe times are changing some for the better and some for the worse, it seems as a whole societies morals are decaying , but I have noticed that a lot of traditional stereotypes are being broken and parental roles are slowly changing. It is my belief that there is a growing percentage of men taking larger roles in the lives of their children  whether its in the home, school or community and although as a father I take pride in this, we can still do much more.

Its time to stop blaming movies, music, media, teachers, athletes and media and take responsibility. Everything starts in the home the moral codes, behaviors and habits of our children are direct results of home life and parental involvement. It is time to take it further then the home, it is true that it takes a village to raise a child but it takes positive strong role models to build a better village.  I want to create an online community for all men not just fathers to be able to have their voices heard and start a revolution of positive parenting. Together we can change the world one child, one neighborhood at a time. We will become  a place were men can get parenting tips and ideas, form community groups, learn from each others experiences, start political movements, fight injustices,  honor the men who are making a difference, pay tribute to the happiness their children bring to their life and so much more. Fathers for our Future is not just for fathers it is for uncles, grandfathers, older brothers, teachers, neighbors or any man who wants to take a role in shaping the future of our communities, schools and homes.

We are creating an online community were fathers can come and ask parenting questions without being embarrassed or ashamed from something as simple as how to do your daughters hair to creative activities to petitions and protests. This is not a group intended to depict woman or mothers in a bad light, I was raised by an amazing single mother who has also inspired me to be the father I am today. In the time I spent raising my little princess alone I realized there is not a lot out there for fathers in regards to parenting. The most amazing gift the world has to offer is the responsibility of being a parent, its a blessing that  too many of us take for granted.

This is for Kiara 

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