The Art of Coloring with Kids

coloring with kids
coloring with kids

Who has more fun when coloring with kids?

Nothing is better than coloring with kids. We all loved coloring as kids, in fact, I have never even heard of a child who doesn’t like to color. Personally, Like many others, I never grew out of it. I did not exactly announce to the world that I continued to color through my young adult life but I did. Once I had my little princess we were back in business no feelings of shame that I enjoyed coloring as much as I did. Much like with movies, rides and games once you have a child you are given a free pass to again enjoy these activities without the funny stares.

The Many Benefits

There are numerous benefits to coloring including perception, creativity, recognition of colors and shapes, concentration and gross- motor skills. All these benefits are well documented in thousands of published articles, they are also common sense in my opinion. Although these benefits are extremely important there are a lot of benefits that don’t get quite the same recognition.

Coloring helped my little Kiara learn to express her feelings more openly. I found she used coloring as means to show how much she cared for everyone in her life. She got extreme pleasure out of making pictures for me, her teachers, friends, and family. Later in her life, she used them to express her love for my wife. Coloring also, subconsciously, taught her proper etiquette as she began to color thank you pictures for her presents. She used them as cards for loved ones on holidays, birthdays, and all occasions. Eventually, if she showed up to someone’s house it was her way of bringing something to share.


Coloring can also be extremely therapeutic to both child and parent. Not only does it teach children how to express feelings but also provides family bonding time with your child. Some great conversations have been had at our dinner table over a bowl of grapes and a coloring book. We discuss the school day, how we feel about whatever is going on in our lives at the moment. Not to mention all the inside jokes that are created.

Coloring is a very calming it is a perfect activity to share with your child between dinner and story time. It relaxes and calms your child after a long active day. The coloring is also a very good and cheap activity when stuck indoors on those rainy days. Coloring books are readily available at discount stores and there are endless websites where you can download free pictures.

Coloring is educational, creatively and emotionally beneficial to a child’s development but most importantly it is fun for everyone!

Fun Activities – House Painting with Your Kids

House Painting with Your Kids
Little Kiara having the time of her life

House Painting with Your Kids

House painting with your kids is a fun activity that many do not think of. Painting a room together can be a fun bonding activity. At the same time, you will be teaching your child a kill as well as encourage creativity. When we decided to paint Kiara’s bathroom, I decided to let her be the creative director. She picked out the paint color and new decorations.

Let them be in charge

At the time being 6 years old it made her feel cool to pick out the sample at Home Depot and have the man blend it for her. Being a 6-year-old girl she chose purple of course. We spent the next two days talking, laughing and bonding. She helped every step of the way. I taught her how to tape and do the edges and corners. She was standing on sinks or step stools whatever it took with a giant smile on her face.

Another perk was since we had to spend all that time together in a small room we got to talk a lot. Yes, there was a lot of laughing but there was also lots of real talks. We discussed many things that have happened our lives and how we felt as a result. Plus it was a free pass for Kiara to get dirty her specialty. A paint fight or two may have broken out.

The end result

Of course, when she went to sleep I had to do touch ups but it was well worth the late nights. Painting together triggered her interest in DIY projections and gave her confidence. She was all too quick to show off her bathroom to everyone willing to look. A DIY home project that was cheap, will last years and created a lifelong memory. You can’t beat that. Now here we are 2 years later and what is she asking for as a birthday gift? You guessed it to paint her bedroom together

Baby Food Recalled For Bone Fragments

baby food recalled
Yummy Spoonfuls baby food recalled

Yummy Spoonfuls baby food recalled for chicken bone fragments

Parents beware of 54 thousand pounds of Yummy Spoonfuls baby has been recalled for bone fragments. “While the risk is low, the health and wellness of our children and customers is paramount, so we have proactively withdrawn the affected chicken bites from store shelves, and have voluntarily issued a recall in collaboration with USDA,” the company said in a statement on its website. A full list of the recalled products is below.

The frozen chicken bites were produced on Aug. 30, 2016, Feb. 1, 2017, Feb. 9, 2017, and April 25, 2017.

The recall impacts the products below:

  • 3-oz. boxes containing “yummy spoonfuls chicken carrot bites,” with “Best Before” dates of 02/01/18, 02/09/18 and 4/26/2018.
  • 3-oz. boxes containing “yummy spoonfuls chicken sweet potato bites,” with “Best Before” dates of 02/01/18 and 02/09/18.
  • 3-oz. boxes containing “yummy spoonfuls chicken broccoli bites,” with “Best Before” dates of 08/30/17, 02/20/18 and 4/10/18.
  • 30-lb. bulk cases containing Overhill Farms brand “FULLY COOKED ORGANIC CHICKEN BROCCOLI BITES CHICKEN AND VEGETABLE PATTY,” with case code 320422 and packaging date 08/30/16.
  • 30-lb. bulk cases containing Overhill Farms brand “FULLY COOKED ORGANIC CHICKEN CARROT BITES CHICKEN PATTIES WITH CARROTS AND CAULIFLOWER,” with case code 320460 and packaging date 02/09/17.
  • 30-lb. bulk cases containing Overhill Farms brand “FULLY COOKED ORGANIC CHICKEN SWEET POTATO BITES CHICKEN PATTIES WITH SWEET POTATOES, QUINOA & PEAS,” with case code 320430 and packaging dates 02/09/17 and 04/25/17.

The products subject to recall bear establishment numbers “P2824,” “P6009” or “P44058” inside the USDA mark of inspection. The USDA said the items were shipped to retail locations nationwide.

There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products.

Consumers with questions about the recall can contact Yummy Spoonfuls Customer Support at (844)-986-6948 or


Little Girl with an Amazing Memory – Katherine


Little Girl with an Amazing Memory

Katherine is a Little Girl with an Amazing Memory. This will astonish you and probably make you jealous.

Celine Tam – Amazing Version of Celine


Celine Tam and her amazing voice

Celine Tam a 9-year-old singer from AMGT. She shocked the crowd with her incredible voice. Such a cute personality. Most adult singers can’t pull this song off.

Gee, I wonder who her parents wanted her to sing…lol


Evie Clair Sings For Father Battling Cancer


Evie Clair Sings For Father Battling Cancer

Evie Clair Sings For Father Battling Cancer on AGT. One of the most touching moments I have seen on TV. As a father, this broke my heart. He must be so proud of her.

14 Year Old Killers – Was this only jealousy?

14 year old killers
Kim Edwards and her boyfriend Lucas Markham

This is a tragic story of two 14 year old killers. We have sadly come use to seeing stories of parents killing their kids but this is a sad reversal. We never want to think our kids may have evil in them sadly it can be true. Young children becoming murderers is something I struggle to accept. Is it psychological or perhaps environmental? I am not going to explore that route instead I will just be focusing on this tragedy.

Fourteen-year-old Kim Edwards and her boyfriend, Lucas Markham planned to kill Kim’s mother Liz and her 13 year old sister Katie. After the gruesome murders the pair watched the Twilight movies, had sex, and ate ice-cream.

How do you become 14 year old killers?

Simply being jealous that her mother gives more attention to her sister seems too simplistic for me. There has to be deeper routed issues. These two clearly had tendencies and desires to kill before this pre meditated act. I will not insinuate upbringing as I know nothing of their childhoods. What I do know is a mother and a little child were viciously murdered. This was a long painful death. Clearly hate filled and personal.

Warning to all readers the details of this case are disturbing. Having the mentality to brutally stab someone then lay on their body smothering them as they fight for their life is a trait of a true sociopath. What is running through the mind of this women fighting to survive while her daughter holds her hand.

Excerpt from the link below:

When they were sure she was dead, the two children went next door to the bedroom that Kim shared with her 13-year-old sister, Katie. Once more, Lucas stabbed her repeatedly in the throat before suffocating her with a pillow. Kim heard her sister’s last words, a muffled: “I can’t…” in what she called a “scary voice… all croaky.”

Man Free After Discovering His Doppelganger

man free after discovering his doppelganger
Father of 3 free after 17 years in prison

Man Free After Discovering His Doppelganger

Man free after discovering his doppelganger! The tragic story of Richard Anthony Jones has been floating around online for the last few days, however, I think the essential detail has not been highlighted enough. He was a father! Three children had their father stolen from them. This innocent man lost his right to raise his children properly. He did not abandon his children, they were not taken away due to treatment no they were essentially kidnapped.

Richard was innocent, Richard had an alibi, Richard proclaimed his innocence yet none of that mattered. His appeals were ignored as his children grew up without a father in their everyday lives. In fact, truth be told it was pure luck he was freed. If not for the guilty person being sent to the same prison Richard would still be there today.

Father Free -17 years, 3 kids and 1 grandchild later

Stories of his doppelganger started to float around leading to a chain of events that would eventually end in a judge releasing him based on no evidence of guilt. That does not erase 17 years of being incarcerated, 17 years of 3 children not being able to hug their dad every day.  Try to imagine sitting in a cage knowing your innocent, knowing you can’t watch your children graduate. Imagine knowing you have a grandchild you can’t play with.

There is no amount of money that you could pay me to miss out on raising my daughter but the state needs to at least take care of this man and his family. For life and for generations. I would not wish this on anyone and it does not make it ok. However, he and his family deserve something to be able to start a new life.

The system is flawed anyone can see that but Richard lost something that cannot be returned.


Leaves Kids in Car To Die – Amanda Hawkins

Amanda leaves kids in car to die
Leaves her kids in car to die. There are no words to describe this "mother"

“Mother” Leaves Kids in car to Die

A monster leaves kids in car to die, not even speaking as a father, but as a human being, I cannot express how disgusting this is. There simply is no words. This “mother” is the lowest of low in my opinion. When I hear of stories that involve a parent forgetting their toddler is in the car I cannot comprehend it at all but at least it is not intentional and I can feel for the parent. This “mother” did this intentionally.

What might actually be worse is only charging her with endangerment! I am not a law expert but this has to be some form of murder or at least manslaughter. The details are too difficult to even repeat so I encourage you to read the full story.

Amanda Hawkins – Murderer

And to find out not only has she been investigated by CPS (child protective services) prior and has also been accused of leaving her kids in the car just last year! This system is not set up to protect our children. It is sad and disgusting. Reform is needed.

My heart goes out to these kids who deserved so much more. There are incredible foster parents out there who would have lined up to take care or adopt these children.

Amanda Hawkins, I hope you suffer the fate you deserve.

Amanda Hawkins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Teen Thief Violently Robs 12 yr Old for 3 dollars

Teen thief violently robs 12 yr old for 3 dollars
coward who violently attacked 12yr old girl

Teen thief violently robs 12 yr old for 3 dollars

A teen thief violently robs 12 yr old for 3 dollars, a cupcake and cilantro in Brooklyn. This stupid and daring robbery took place in broad daylight. He jumped her from behind grabbing her by the neck and dragging her into a nearby alley. After she gave him everything she had he started ripping off his jacket that is when she kicked him the groin and ran. We can only imagine what was about to happen next. Luckily she escaped with only bruises.


I don’t anything about this pathetic boy but I have to assume he is either a sociopath in the making or simply a kid whose parents didn’t provide enough structure. This is sad that at 3 pm your child is not safe on a busy street.

The police need help finding this boy, I urge anyone with information to help. This could have been your daughter, sister or cousin. Authorities asked anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to call NYPD Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.