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A Woman Injects Feces Into Son’s Cancer IV

Woman injects feces into her son's IV
This is what a feces injecting mother looks like

Woman Injects Feces Into Her Son’s IV

A woman injects feces into son’s IV during his treatment for cancer – Reading the news every day you come across a lot of psychotic people but every once and awhile you come across a special kind of stupid. This lady is that I mean what the hell possessed you to think of this? That was a serious question because I really don’t get it.

She claims it was to get her son transferred to a better unit. Really this was the best idea you could come up with? Stories like this make me so appreciative of my mother and all the other good parents in this world.

Thank goodness she is being charged, I only hope this boy has a suitable adult to take over from here.


Hope the boy makes a full recovery!

How To Get Kids To Eat Salad

How to get kids to eat salad
How to get your kids to eat salad - Ween your kids off FF and other unhealthy alternatives

How to get kids to eat salad and actually like it

How to get kids to eat salad is a question I am asked often. It is not easy if your child has not been eating salads from day one. Most kids are not too thrilled about trying new foods especially the healthy ones. The following is how I converted Kiara into a side salad girl.

Kids and Salad An Unnatural Combo

The first step was convincing her of the health benefits. I explained the nutritional value of vegetables and how salad is a great substitute for French fries. This did not go too well and was a complete waste of words. As my words of wisdom were going in one ear and out the other I realized this was going to require some trickery. I decided to take a slow step by step approach.

The Introduction

I began simple with lettuce and fruit. Kiara eats cherry tomatoes as a snack but for some odd reason would not eat them as part of a salad. I chalked them up as odd kid logic. Whenever we were out to eat she would ask for my croutons and dip them in Caesar dressing. I decided this was my starting point. The first day I used just iceberg lettuce which I cut up into tiny pieces like they do at sub shops. I found a yogurt based Caesar dressing and lightly drizzled it over the lettuce. I didn’t want her to get used to a lot of dressing. The only thing I added was a few sliced strawberries. This went over well so I stuck with it until it was comfortably part of her routine.

Building The Relationship

The next step was simply adding another fruit favorite of Kiara’s. The blueberries were a success and encouraging. The addition made Kiara feel like it was cool that her salad was expanding. It was not long before I took a chance on carrots. I did not think cut up carrots that were uncooked would work but she does eat cooked ones. I decided to shred them at first she was wary but did enjoy. We were now expanding into vegetables!

Vegetables Are Cool

After some time I decided to add cherry tomatoes cut in halves.  Kiara’s first reaction was strangely too not want to eat them. I explained she eats them throughout the day and now they would be mixed with her favorite dressing. Once this seemingly obvious logic kicked in she was all aboard. Slowly I added more tomatoes and carrots and a little less fruit. The logic there was that Kiara eats a lot of fruit throughout the day.  Her typical dinner has vegetables as a side normally broccoli, corn and cauliflower but I wanted more to be incorporated.

The most recent addition has been cucumbers. She was very resistant at first but I was relentless in convincing her they were basically fruit. After weeks of explaining they were almost tasteless but a little juicy she was still refusing. I did what every good dad would do I cut them up so small she would not notice them. Then of course I laughed at her for eating without realizing it. Cucumbers are now a staple! Not only that but she now requests sliced cucumbers as her school snack. As of now I have not pushed it any further and I doubt onions will make an appearance anytime soon.

Only If You Do

It does make me happy that now when we go out to eat Kiara orders broccoli instead of fries. She now also adds a side salad to start. It is important to remember that getting your child to be healthy whether it is eating or exercise is pointless. Yes pointless IF YOU DON’T PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. The worst saying ever is “do as I say not as I say not as I do”.  What is fact is that kids learn from what they see and not what they are told. Practice what you preach! This is true in every life lesson you try to pass down.

**This is another great activity to share with your kids but please always teach kitchen safety!

Vegan Lifestyle – The First 10 Days

Vegan Lifestyle
A 10th day update of my new vegan lifestyle

A Look At My First 10 Days In The Vegan Lifestyle

On this the 10th day of my journey into the vegan lifestyle I am happy to report continued improvement. If I am being honest the results are better than I expected at this juncture. I didn’t doubt that this transformation would lead to better health I just didn’t expect to feel significant results this quickly. My excitement has grown tremendously and now more than ever I am confident I have made the correct choice.

Difference In Health

My intestinal issues continue to improve at an astonishing rate. At this point they are very close to non-existent. I am starting to feel a slight change in my sleep. I am falling asleep easier and waking up less during the night. The soreness has definitely decreased as has the muscle fatigue. My energy continues to increase not completely too where I want it to be but getting there. I work out usually 4 days a week for 1 and ½ hours, this is becoming easier with each session. Usually at the end my body lets me know its time now I have to remind myself it’s enough and I should stop. I am also noticing that even without any recovery drink or supplements the results remain the next day.

A Sad Break-UP

I am sad to report that I discovered Morningstar Buffalo wings are not vegan friendly so I had to say my goodbyes.  It was emotional but I drowned my sorrows in a tub of hummus and tried to forget about the pain. Breaking up is never easy but sometimes it’s for the best. Loosing cheese was probably my biggest fear in this lifestyle change. It was surprisingly easy but Admittedly I do still miss goat cheese.

Food wise I am discovering that I am a much more creative chef then I was previously. I think you kind of get complacent with what you cook rarely straying too far. With this new journey I am constantly searching for new and creative ways to cook. I tried Seitan for the first time and truly enjoyed it, I had the chipotle flavor. The staples remain as tofu, quinoa, vegetables, tempeh, beans and of course hummus. At this point I am not missing meat except strangely tuna. My lifelong love affair with cheese is now officially over.  I made my own mozzarella cheese which was very tasty and gooey. My local market also had a variety of vegan cheeses, I tried cheddar, Monterrey and Swiss. All were good some better melted I found. The vegan cream cheese I found was in my opinion better than regular cream cheese.


The best part is I lost another 5 lbs. in the last 6 days. Typically 2 to 3 pounds a week is a good sustainable and healthy amount. I think the 5 lbs. is my body getting rid of all the built up junk and cleaning itself out. I do not expect to continue losing weight at this rate.

Overall I feel great and look forward to continued health Improvements.

*I have lost a total of 7 ½ lbs.


Vegan Lifestyle – The First 5 Days Of My Journey

vegan lifestyle - examples of what you can eat

A review of my 1st 5 days in the vegan lifestyle

Well I am now 5 full days into my new vegan lifestyle and contrary to popular belief I am not depleted and weak as a result. Quite the opposite actually I feel good. The first clear difference is my intestinal issues. My body  is handling food much better and without the stomach and bathroom issues I have come to accept recently.  Too early to see any other major changes.

I have done 3 workouts all have been just as good or better then the usual. So I definitely have the same or more energy. My energy levels seem good but it has been difficult to analyze due to hurricane preparation. A lot of heavy work putting up shutters, helping neighbors and clearing out the garage. All of which required more energy then normally used but I can say it didn’t effect me being able to complete all those tasks. Also my sleep pattern was obviously changed because of the storm. If I was to guess I would say considering all the factors they both probably increased a some. I will know more next week when I am back to a normal schedule.

I will admit I kinda cheated. During the preparation it was late and I was exhausted from all the labor. There was chicken nuggets in front of me and I ate a few. Truthfully I regretted it immediately not cause of the guilt but because the way it made me feel. It was a strong reminder of why I am doing this in the first place.

It should be noted I have completely avoided bleached foods, fluoride,  gmo’s and white foods.  I have also been avoiding gluten and processed foods as much as possible. I expect to have them all completely eliminated very soon as I learn new alternatives.

***I have lost 2.5 lbs


Vegan Lifestyle – The First Day Of My New Life

vegan lifestyle
The first day of my vegan life change

It is only the first day of my official journey into my vegan lifestyle so there is not too much to report. I am definitely feeling better in certain aspects such as intestinal and energy however it should be noted that this is not a result of just one day. I did extensive research leading up to this moment, in doing research I started to experiment with vegan food so in the last week I had almost all vegan meals except about 20 or 3 and of course a couple nights ago I had to go say good bye to my dear dear friend Sushi.

Today I woke up and had a whole grain muffin with goveggie brand vegan cream cheese. I have been eating this for about a month and actually my daughter who loves cream cheese but is extremely picky about brands liked this better then the real thing. I also made a power gains waffle (Van’s brand) with sliced bananas on it. Lunch was a stir fry of zero pasta, zucchini, squash, carrots, onions, crushed hot peppers, vegan chicken strips, sliced turmeric, fresh garlic and some homemade vegan mozzarella cheese. Diner was pizza. I was too lazy to make the dough so I purchased whole grain crust and topped it with a coating of sunflower oil and crushed peppers. I covered it with a blend of sauteed vegetables, fresh garlic, fresh basil, splotches of pesto sauce, garbanzo beans, quinoa and some of my homemade mozzarella.

All my meals were delicious and surprisingly much more filling then expected so because I eat too fast I ended up pretty full. All around I can’t complain and must say that I worked out for 90 minutes with no issues of energy at all. It is only day #1 but I am very excited about what is to come.

Vegan Lifestyle My First 30 Days


Vegan Lifestyle My First 30 Days

before picture vegan life

A look into the 1st month of becoming a vegan

My mission to find optimal health

This is a look into the first 30 days of my new vegan lifestyle. A lot of events led me to make this decision, I would like to start by saying my choice is not derived from a protest of eating animals due to cruelty. I believe obviously it is wrong to torture animals and do not condone it but this life style change is based on health and well-being. Things kept occurring over the last few months that all seemed to point me in this direction.

My journey began about 10 years ago when I was in constant and excruciating pain due to a pinched nerve in my neck. I had very little movement and could not function. I was in pain if I was laying down, if I stood up or if I sat basically there was nothing I could do. It effected my work, my health, my mood and everything else. I spent about a year going to various doctors and at first I was told I had a pinched nerve. They were very quick to put me on harmful pain killers and recommended a shot. I agreed to the shot but the procedure was unsuccessful they said the area was too small for the needle and it could cause permanent damage. I was sent to chiropractors, for body stretching and various treatments all unsuccessful. I was spending half the day with numb arms and legs both of which would experience tingling. Add to this my body was always sore and tired something that actually was happening before the neck problems. Within my journey I ended up meeting an incredible Rheumatologist who sat down with me and told me to start talking about my life starting with as far back into childhood I could remember. As I was doing this she did some tests based on her theory that I suffered from Fibromyalgia and test came back conclusive. She advised me that many doctors who either say this is not true or that I need medication.  She disagreed and said change the way you eat and exercise along with many tips about being in water etc. I really began to trust her and every time I went to a doctor about my neck I sent her all the x-ray’s and test results to read which she gladly did for free. The other doctors began recommending surgery and I was sent to 3 different surgeons including one for a major sports team in Florida, they all agreed I needed to have surgery and claimed my neck was curving backwards and this would continue. I did not want the surgery but they used fear to convince me one even said there was a potential to be paralyzed if not corrected and suggested I go to a counseling for preparation. That was extreme but they did all agree that the operation would take months to recover and was  ore then likely not going to fix the problem but would stop it from getting worse. What why would I do that????? Plus it would lead to arthritis in my neck down the road!! My rheumatologist immediately warned me not to do this and too seek out alternative methods such as acupuncture. As I considered this the very next day an older woman in my office building approached me and said she was sorry to bother me but has noticed for a long time walking through the building in obvious pain and wanted to know if I would tell her what was wrong. I gave her a summary and she went on to tell me this insane story of her daughter and how she almost died because of the way her doctors were treating her. The procedures lead to worse problems. She then said the magic words “please try acupuncture before surgery” immediately something clicked to me. It seemed like a sign now 2 people telling me this. This very kind woman went on to explain to me that even though it was not covered by insurance it was only $40-50 and she even volunteered to pay if it didn’t work. Of course I would not have her pay but it got me thinking what it couldn’t hurt. She recommended an acupuncturist so I called her to my surprise she told me that she would not treat me if she couldn’t and would not take me as a patient without looking at my x-rays first. After reviewing my x-rays she said there was no need for surgery and that the pinched nerve could be relieved by opening the blood path around it. She used much more technical terms but then simplified it for me, it made sense so I agreed. She saw the pain I was in and said could do a treatment right now, again I agreed. After the first treatment I had partial movement and less pain great but same thing happened with chiropractor every time but it would always comeback after a little while. Next day I woke up still felt better so I was excited but still skeptical. Next treatment there even more improvement much to my surprise. After about 5 appointments the pain in my neck was gone and I had full movement. It has not comeback since then. I was so pleased I asked about the Fibromyalgia and she advised it could not cure but that acupuncture could help relax the pain and the nerves combined with  a change in diet and lifestyle the symptoms could be controlled. I kept going to her but didn’t take the eating and exercise advice.

That brings us to last few months where signs started to pop up that veganism should be considered. I met several people who told me about extreme health conditions they reversed by going vegan. Naturally I started to research and there was so much information online from nutritionist and enthusiasts but then I came across vegan bodybuilders and was intrigued. The last two years I have been very into working out, being active and healthy eating even deciding my goal would be to get various certifications and then a degree in nutrition so naturally vegan bodybuilders intrigued me. Like most people I never associated the two quite the opposite. I started researching religiously which lead to a Jon Venus YouTube channel and my entire view began to change that lead me to the hardcore herbivore, the vegan fitness channel and others. SO then I decided to look into nutritionist and came across Beth Lambert author of A Compromised Generation: The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America’s Children. She is also part of an amazing movement called the Hope Project.

I was convinced. I have high hopes that this choice can increase my workouts, fat loss, calm my nerves, help with my growing digestive/intestinal issues, stop the fogginess in my brain and help with the soreness/tiredness. I was concerned I would get into it and then be stuck trying to find something in house to eat so I did extensive research on recipes and tips. I made a grocery such a nutritional yeast, sunflower oil, tapioca flour and everything else I needed to make things from scratch as I did not want to only rely on frozen meals.

I will include before and after pictures and give updates throughout my first 30 days. I know I will make this a lifetime choice but I just wanted to write about the first 30 days so I could explore the immediate changes. After the 30 days I plan to start a channel sharing workouts, recipes and information about the health benefits.

Below are just some of my suggested links if you are considering veganism:






Man Kills Cancer Survivor Daughter in Jealous Rage

Man kills cancer survivor daughter
Man kills cancer survivor daughter in jealous rage

.Man kills cancer survivor daughter in jealous rage

Man kills cancer survivor daughter? There are not words to describe how horrible of a person this p.o.s is. He is not a man, not a father and not even worthy of being a Human. The worst Father’s I know would be excited that their daughter beat Cancer and I do mean the worst. This is not an exaggeration by any means even the worst of the worst people have some form of moral code to live by. This guy is truly a sociopath. How any person can kill a 22  month old baby is beyond my ability to understand but YOUR OWN CHILD !!! I hate to say its worse because an infant is an infant but you clearly have to be a special kind of low life to kill your daughter because of the attention you are getting.

We have to pay for this p.o.s

Its this kind of case that makes me angry at our justice system.  He admitted it and there is no doubt he did it so why do we have to pay for this guy to be in a jail cell for 25years to life. Don’t get me wrong the death penalty is too easy for this guy, I am just  mad we can’t initiate a prison rules type of situation. He will be put in protective custody to be kept safe….BS his daughter was not allowed this luxury! Let him rot in general population. Let the prisoners break him down and torture him. So everyday he understands his child felt. Like I said even bad people have morals so lets let the “bad” people handle this for us as their payback for crimes committed.

R.I.P Maddox. It brings a tear to my eye and pain in my heart to think what you had to go through.

Man kills cancer survivor daughter in jealous rage

Pedophile Rapes a 2yr Old Girl Live On FB

Pedophile Rapes a 2yr Old Girl Live On FB
Rape a 2yr Live on FB

Judge spares prison for Iowa teen who raped toddler girl in live video — and plotted to assault boy

Rapes a 2yr old girl Live on FB and Gets No JAIL TIME…..Judge Randy Degeest has decided to spare prison for a teenager who live-streamed himself raping a 2-year-old girl even though he was already plotting to rape a little boy! Randy (cause you don’t deserve the title Judge) you are a disgrace to the profession and humanity as a whole. I hope you are immediately removed from the bench and never allowed to work in the justice system again.

Pedophile Rapes a 2yr old girl Live on FB

I do not know or care what was going on in the life of Kraigen Grooms at the time of the rape. I do not care if there is something mentally wrong with this boy. He knew what he was doing and admitted to not only raping a 2-year-old girl but plotting to live stream a rape of a little boy next. There is zero chance this was his first or last time doing this. You do not wake up one day and decide to do this. Let alone be cocky enough to live stream it. He will strike again and this time it will be the “Judges” fault.

I have never heard of the Facebook group called but on behalf of good people around the world congratulations and keep up the good work. I only wish the justice system did their part. Going forward I follow this group and encourage others to as well.

It is horrible as a father to imagine what that little girl was going through. Her youth and her innocence stolen forever but this evil kids life was spared…..what about her !!!!!!!

There is currently a petition to have this judge removed please sign it for all our kid’s sake.


Scaring Kids is Fun Especially Kiara


Scaring Kids – Fun for Everyone

Who doesn’t think scaring kids is the funniest thing? Maybe not the kids but oh well.

Mixed Berry and Kale Smoothie

Mixed Berry and Kale Smoothie
Mixed Berry and Kale smoothie

Mixed Berry and Kale Smoothie

Here is a healthy fruit smoothie for kids and adults that I make with Kiara. It is a fun thing to do together with healthy results. It gets her thinking of new ways to incorporate healthy foods into her diet and makes her feel better about herself. Healthy foods lead to healthy kids. This is also the only way I can get her to consume Kale. My recipe for Mixed Berry and Kale Smoothie

Kids Version:

  • 1 handful of organic mixed berries (frozen or fresh). If fresh use blueberries and strawberries
  • 1 small handful of baby Kale
  • 1 banana
  • Green Tea (see below)

Place ingredients in blender cup ( I use the Ninja which offers individual cups), add a handful of ice and mix until desired thickness. Add more ice for a thicker smoothie.  Green tea can be replaced by water or coconut water, I have also used flavored water.

Fathers Version:

  • 1 handful of organic mixed berries (frozen or fresh). If fresh use blueberries and strawberries
  • 1 small handful of baby Kale
  • 1 banana
  • Green Tea (see below)
  • 1 to 2 scoops vanilla protein. I use vegan but you can use any protein powder you prefer
  • 2-4 tablespoons ground organic Flax seed
  • 1-2 tablespoon organic Chia Seeds
  • 1 tablespoon Hemp Seeds
  • 1-2 tablespoon of whole food powder. I use Livfit.

Place ingredients in blender cup ( I use the Ninja which offers individual cups), add a handful of ice and mix until desired thickness. Add more ice for a thicker smoothie.  Green tea can be replaced by water or coconut water, I have also used flavored water.

Green Tea:

When drinking tea I always brew whole leaf tea except in this case. At all times I keep the following Green Tea in the Fridge for smoothies or the occasional cold drink.

Using the Mr. Tea home brew I put 6-8 tea bags of any brand green tea my personal favorite is the yogi blueberry slim life. In the filter, I add fresh blueberries and slices of oranges. I brew at a strong level. This is a good way to get this healthy beverage into your child’s diet as the smoothie covers the taste of unsweetened tea that most kids do not normally enjoy.

  • It should be noted that Green tea can have side effect for children as well, Using green tea is a decision you need to make and it is recommended to talk to your doctor. Personally, I only give these smoothies to Kiara every couple of weeks and I only use less than half a cup the rest is water.
  • Also I personally never use any smoothie or shake as a meal replacement.

The Tale of Kale