Healthy Dips

Kiara was eventually introduced to and fell in love with (like her father many years prior) potato chips and dip. There is not much you can do to avoid this unavoidable relationship especially when grandparents are involved. As a recovering dip addict myself I could not let Kiara go down that dark road. Addiction of any form is difficult to overcome. And yes bad eating habits overtime can prove to be very tough to break. As we grow older we lean on food to give us comfort and enjoyment but not necessarily nutrition.  As much as my addiction was to potato chips it was equally to the dip. I decided the only way to prevent her from this life long struggle would be to trick her into thinking she was getting a treat as I had done so many times before (Don’t judge me!).

Plan of Action

Knowing the severity of her dip addiction. My plan of action was to tell Kiara that she could have dip anytime she wanted just not with chips. The chips could be for special occasions as long as she maintained a healthy way of eating. But Zachary dip is bad for you! I know trust me I know. Back in the day I would eat a  tub of dip along with a bag of chips late night. How could I do this to my daughter you ask? Why would I encourage such an unhealthy act? Simple I lied (I mean tricked her) as most good parents do. The next part of the plan was simple I made the dip homemade using plain Greek yogurt. Yes if you read enough of my recipes there is a pattern of using this stuff for almost everything.

She wanted the dip so bad she started using cut up carrots and celery (victory for daddy!). She would also use a small scoop to dip her breakfast fruits in.


Yes, I try to avoid giving Kiara dairy due to it being processed and poisonous to the human body. I also do not buy kids yogurt due to the excessive sugar.  I will post recipes on how to make your own at some point. Plain Greek yogurtcan provide a great source of calcium and protein without the fat and sugar for your child.

Side note: Making the dip is a fast and easy activity you can share with your child. It is very simple if, you do not want to mix your own seasonings, use a packaged dip mix. Substitute the yogurt for the sour cream.