Fun Activities – House Painting with Your Kids


    House Painting with Your Kids

    House painting with your kids is a fun activity that many do not think of. Painting a room together can be a fun bonding activity. At the same time, you will be teaching your child a kill as well as encourage creativity. When we decided to paint Kiara’s bathroom, I decided to let her be the creative director. She picked out the paint color and new decorations.

    Let them be in charge

    At the time being 6 years old it made her feel cool to pick out the sample at Home Depot and have the man blend it for her. Being a 6-year-old girl she chose purple of course. We spent the next two days talking, laughing and bonding. She helped every step of the way. I taught her how to tape and do the edges and corners. She was standing on sinks or step stools whatever it took with a giant smile on her face.

    Another perk was since we had to spend all that time together in a small room we got to talk a lot. Yes, there was a lot of laughing but there was also lots of real talks. We discussed many things that have happened our lives and how we felt as a result. Plus it was a free pass for Kiara to get dirty her specialty. A paint fight or two may have broken out.

    The end result

    Of course, when she went to sleep I had to do touch ups but it was well worth the late nights. Painting together triggered her interest in DIY projections and gave her confidence. She was all too quick to show off her bathroom to everyone willing to look. A DIY home project that was cheap, will last years and created a lifelong memory. You can’t beat that. Now here we are 2 years later and what is she asking for as a birthday gift? You guessed it to paint her bedroom together