Leaves Kids in Car To Die – Amanda Hawkins

    Amanda leaves kids in car to die
    Leaves her kids in car to die. There are no words to describe this "mother"

    “Mother” Leaves Kids in car to Die

    A monster leaves kids in car to die, not even speaking as a father, but as a human being, I cannot express how disgusting this is. There simply is no words. This “mother” is the lowest of low in my opinion. When I hear of stories that involve a parent forgetting their toddler is in the car I cannot comprehend it at all but at least it is not intentional and I can feel for the parent. This “mother” did this intentionally.

    What might actually be worse is only charging her with endangerment! I am not a law expert but this has to be some form of murder or at least manslaughter. The details are too difficult to even repeat so I encourage you to read the full story.

    Amanda Hawkins – Murderer

    And to find out not only has she been investigated by CPS (child protective services) prior and has also been accused of leaving her kids in the car just last year! This system is not set up to protect our children. It is sad and disgusting. Reform is needed.

    My heart goes out to these kids who deserved so much more. There are incredible foster parents out there who would have lined up to take care or adopt these children.

    Amanda Hawkins, I hope you suffer the fate you deserve.

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