Man Free After Discovering His Doppelganger

    man free after discovering his doppelganger
    Father of 3 free after 17 years in prison

    Man Free After Discovering His Doppelganger

    Man free after discovering his doppelganger! The tragic story of Richard Anthony Jones has been floating around online for the last few days, however, I think the essential detail has not been highlighted enough. He was a father! Three children had their father stolen from them. This innocent man lost his right to raise his children properly. He did not abandon his children, they were not taken away due to treatment no they were essentially kidnapped.

    Richard was innocent, Richard had an alibi, Richard proclaimed his innocence yet none of that mattered. His appeals were ignored as his children grew up without a father in their everyday lives. In fact, truth be told it was pure luck he was freed. If not for the guilty person being sent to the same prison Richard would still be there today.

    Father Free -17 years, 3 kids and 1 grandchild later

    Stories of his doppelganger started to float around leading to a chain of events that would eventually end in a judge releasing him based on no evidence of guilt. That does not erase 17 years of being incarcerated, 17 years of 3 children not being able to hug their dad every day.  Try to imagine sitting in a cage knowing your innocent, knowing you can’t watch your children graduate. Imagine knowing you have a grandchild you can’t play with.

    There is no amount of money that you could pay me to miss out on raising my daughter but the state needs to at least take care of this man and his family. For life and for generations. I would not wish this on anyone and it does not make it ok. However, he and his family deserve something to be able to start a new life.

    The system is flawed anyone can see that but Richard lost something that cannot be returned.