Vegan Lifestyle My First 30 Days

    a look into my journey for optimal health


    A look into the 1st month of becoming a vegan

    My mission to find optimal health

    This is a look into the first 30 days of my new vegan lifestyle. A lot of events led me to make this decision, I would like to start by saying my choice is not derived from a protest of eating animals due to cruelty. I believe obviously it is wrong to torture animals and do not condone it but this life style change is based on health and well-being. Things kept occurring over the last few months that all seemed to point me in this direction.

    My journey began about 10 years ago when I was in constant and excruciating pain due to a pinched nerve in my neck. I had very little movement and could not function. I was in pain if I was laying down, if I stood up or if I sat basically there was nothing I could do. It effected my work, my health, my mood and everything else. I spent about a year going to various doctors and at first I was told I had a pinched nerve. They were very quick to put me on harmful pain killers and recommended a shot. I agreed to the shot but the procedure was unsuccessful they said the area was too small for the needle and it could cause permanent damage. I was sent to chiropractors, for body stretching and various treatments all unsuccessful. I was spending half the day with numb arms and legs both of which would experience tingling. Add to this my body was always sore and tired something that actually was happening before the neck problems. Within my journey I ended up meeting an incredible Rheumatologist who sat down with me and told me to start talking about my life starting with as far back into childhood I could remember. As I was doing this she did some tests based on her theory that I suffered from Fibromyalgia and test came back conclusive. She advised me that many doctors who either say this is not true or that I need medication.  She disagreed and said change the way you eat and exercise along with many tips about being in water etc. I really began to trust her and every time I went to a doctor about my neck I sent her all the x-ray’s and test results to read which she gladly did for free. The other doctors began recommending surgery and I was sent to 3 different surgeons including one for a major sports team in Florida, they all agreed I needed to have surgery and claimed my neck was curving backwards and this would continue. I did not want the surgery but they used fear to convince me one even said there was a potential to be paralyzed if not corrected and suggested I go to a counseling for preparation. That was extreme but they did all agree that the operation would take months to recover and was  ore then likely not going to fix the problem but would stop it from getting worse. What why would I do that????? Plus it would lead to arthritis in my neck down the road!! My rheumatologist immediately warned me not to do this and too seek out alternative methods such as acupuncture. As I considered this the very next day an older woman in my office building approached me and said she was sorry to bother me but has noticed for a long time walking through the building in obvious pain and wanted to know if I would tell her what was wrong. I gave her a summary and she went on to tell me this insane story of her daughter and how she almost died because of the way her doctors were treating her. The procedures lead to worse problems. She then said the magic words “please try acupuncture before surgery” immediately something clicked to me. It seemed like a sign now 2 people telling me this. This very kind woman went on to explain to me that even though it was not covered by insurance it was only $40-50 and she even volunteered to pay if it didn’t work. Of course I would not have her pay but it got me thinking what it couldn’t hurt. She recommended an acupuncturist so I called her to my surprise she told me that she would not treat me if she couldn’t and would not take me as a patient without looking at my x-rays first. After reviewing my x-rays she said there was no need for surgery and that the pinched nerve could be relieved by opening the blood path around it. She used much more technical terms but then simplified it for me, it made sense so I agreed. She saw the pain I was in and said could do a treatment right now, again I agreed. After the first treatment I had partial movement and less pain great but same thing happened with chiropractor every time but it would always comeback after a little while. Next day I woke up still felt better so I was excited but still skeptical. Next treatment there even more improvement much to my surprise. After about 5 appointments the pain in my neck was gone and I had full movement. It has not comeback since then. I was so pleased I asked about the Fibromyalgia and she advised it could not cure but that acupuncture could help relax the pain and the nerves combined with  a change in diet and lifestyle the symptoms could be controlled. I kept going to her but didn’t take the eating and exercise advice.

    That brings us to last few months where signs started to pop up that veganism should be considered. I met several people who told me about extreme health conditions they reversed by going vegan. Naturally I started to research and there was so much information online from nutritionist and enthusiasts but then I came across vegan bodybuilders and was intrigued. The last two years I have been very into working out, being active and healthy eating even deciding my goal would be to get various certifications and then a degree in nutrition so naturally vegan bodybuilders intrigued me. Like most people I never associated the two quite the opposite. I started researching religiously which lead to a Jon Venus YouTube channel and my entire view began to change that lead me to the hardcore herbivore, the vegan fitness channel and others. SO then I decided to look into nutritionist and came across Beth Lambert author of A Compromised Generation: The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America’s Children. She is also part of an amazing movement called the Hope Project.

    I was convinced. I have high hopes that this choice can increase my workouts, fat loss, calm my nerves, help with my growing digestive/intestinal issues, stop the fogginess in my brain and help with the soreness/tiredness. I was concerned I would get into it and then be stuck trying to find something in house to eat so I did extensive research on recipes and tips. I made a grocery such a nutritional yeast, sunflower oil, tapioca flour and everything else I needed to make things from scratch as I did not want to only rely on frozen meals.

    I will include before and after pictures and give updates throughout my first 30 days. I know I will make this a lifetime choice but I just wanted to write about the first 30 days so I could explore the immediate changes. After the 30 days I plan to start a channel sharing workouts, recipes and information about the health benefits.

    Below are just some of my suggested links if you are considering veganism: