Pedophile Rapes a 2yr Old Girl Live On FB

    A 2 year old girl gets no justice after being raped on a Facebook live stream


    Judge spares prison for Iowa teen who raped toddler girl in live video — and plotted to assault boy

    Rapes a 2yr old girl Live on FB and Gets No JAIL TIME…..Judge Randy Degeest has decided to spare prison for a teenager who live-streamed himself raping a 2-year-old girl even though he was already plotting to rape a little boy! Randy (cause you don’t deserve the title Judge) you are a disgrace to the profession and humanity as a whole. I hope you are immediately removed from the bench and never allowed to work in the justice system again.

    Pedophile Rapes a 2yr old girl Live on FB

    I do not know or care what was going on in the life of Kraigen Grooms at the time of the rape. I do not care if there is something mentally wrong with this boy. He knew what he was doing and admitted to not only raping a 2-year-old girl but plotting to live stream a rape of a little boy next. There is zero chance this was his first or last time doing this. You do not wake up one day and decide to do this. Let alone be cocky enough to live stream it. He will strike again and this time it will be the “Judges” fault.

    I have never heard of the Facebook group called but on behalf of good people around the world congratulations and keep up the good work. I only wish the justice system did their part. Going forward I follow this group and encourage others to as well.

    It is horrible as a father to imagine what that little girl was going through. Her youth and her innocence stolen forever but this evil kids life was spared…..what about her !!!!!!!

    There is currently a petition to have this judge removed please sign it for all our kid’s sake.