Super-Strains of Lice found in Florida!

    Because regular Lice was just not enough of a problem in Florida


    super-strains of lice??

    Super-strains of lice (and 24 other states): Great news for all those Fathers out there who have daughters with long thick hair a new super strain of lice has been found in Florida! This is the news we have all been waiting for! How this day in age America does not have a vaccination or some kind of pill that can prevent lice is beyond my beliefs. Is there no Scientists in the world who have had children?? Perhaps while they were doing studies their spouses were left to deal with the lice so they don’t appreciate the magnitude of this situation?

    The Dreaded Discovery

    In all seriousness lice is something that eventually every child will encounter, if you live in Florida this will most likely be more than 1 time! At some point you will get the dreaded letter sent home from school advising you of a lice outbreak and at just that moment you will look over and see your daughter itching her head and then the fun begins.

    The Removal

    Everyone who has been through it knows the process all sheets, clothes, blankets, pillows and stuffed animals need to be washed in hot water or sealed in a garbage bag for a month. All furniture needs to be sprayed, everyone needs to be checked and then the removal of the lice begins. There are many techniques of removing lice online including using olive oil. I will post some of the articles below. Most people can agree the at home kits can be effective but avoid the ones with toxic chemicals in them. DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS one egg left behind will create the problem to start all over again. I can only speak for south Florida but there also plenty of companies that specialize in the removal of lice and they are generally mobile. Prices for treatment are about $200.

    Let’s talk prevention.

    There is no full proof method but here are two of the most common tactics I see around here. The First has been around for years and is pretty simple. Before leaving the house make sure your daughters hair is back and up. Using hair mousse pull her back as tight as possible into a pony tail. Preferably turn that pony tail into a bun. Once her hair is back, up and covered in mouse spray hair spray around the areas of the pony tail and the ears as well as back hair above the neck as these are the areas lice generally starts in.

    Does it Work?

    The theory of this method is that the hair is to sticky/greasy for the lice to attach too and of course with her hair pulled back and up there is less surface area for the lice to jump on. Although not full proof this technique is effective, cheap and easy to do. Many parents are tempted to cut their daughters hair short as prevention – this will not work! Shoulder length hair actually makes the prevention more difficult because it is harder to put all of it up especially if you layer it.

    Tree Oil

    The second method is Tree Oil. Research shows that lice do like the smell of Tree Oil so they will not jump on to it. There are many articles online in regards to tree oil its uses, side effects and effectiveness. The smell of this is also pretty strong and not in a good way. Thankfully they do sell kids shampoo and hairspray made with tree oil. These products use safe chemical free ingredients to disguise the smell. You do not need to use both products.

    It should be noted that as in this story I also believe you should teach you children about personal space to avoid head-to-head contact.

    What method do I use?

    Both of course, I am not foolish, I try to eliminate as much risk as possible. I use the first technique with the exception that after her hair is moussed and up in a ponytail I spray all of her hair with the tree oil hairspray. I also use the leave in conditioner. Personally I use the Fairy Tale brand. It is reasonably priced and available at cartoon cuts as well as many other retail stores. I have seen it online as well. Here is their website  google the products for best price. Please note I do not work for them or profit from their sales just trying to spread some information.

    Can Coconut Oil Help?

    As a side note I have also heard that lice do not like the smell of coconut so I wash her hair with coconut scented shampoo just in case.    It should also be noted that there is a prescription the Doctor can give you but they will generally not do it unless the problem is severe and reoccurring.

    You should do your research and choose what the best method is for you and your precious lice infested daughter.

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    A Video Tutorial I Found