Teen thief violently robs 12 yr old for 3 dollars
coward who violently attacked 12yr old girl

Teen thief violently robs 12 yr old for 3 dollars

A teen thief violently robs 12 yr old for 3 dollars, a cupcake and cilantro in Brooklyn. This stupid and daring robbery took place in broad daylight. He jumped her from behind grabbing her by the neck and dragging her into a nearby alley. After she gave him everything she had he started ripping off his jacket that is when she kicked him the groin and ran. We can only imagine what was about to happen next. Luckily she escaped with only bruises.


I don’t anything about this pathetic boy but I have to assume he is either a sociopath in the making or simply a kid whose parents didn’t provide enough structure. This is sad that at 3 pm your child is not safe on a busy street.

The police need help finding this boy, I urge anyone with information to help. This could have been your daughter, sister or cousin. Authorities asked anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to call NYPD Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.