The Art of Coloring with Kids

    coloring with kids a timeless activity that bonds families


    Who has more fun when coloring with kids?

    Nothing is better than coloring with kids. We all loved coloring as kids, in fact, I have never even heard of a child who doesn’t like to color. Personally, Like many others, I never grew out of it. I did not exactly announce to the world that I continued to color through my young adult life but I did. Once I had my little princess we were back in business no feelings of shame that I enjoyed coloring as much as I did. Much like with movies, rides and games once you have a child you are given a free pass to again enjoy these activities without the funny stares.

    The Many Benefits

    There are numerous benefits to coloring including perception, creativity, recognition of colors and shapes, concentration and gross- motor skills. All these benefits are well documented in thousands of published articles, they are also common sense in my opinion. Although these benefits are extremely important there are a lot of benefits that don’t get quite the same recognition.

    Coloring helped my little Kiara learn to express her feelings more openly. I found she used coloring as means to show how much she cared for everyone in her life. She got extreme pleasure out of making pictures for me, her teachers, friends, and family. Later in her life, she used them to express her love for my wife. Coloring also, subconsciously, taught her proper etiquette as she began to color thank you pictures for her presents. She used them as cards for loved ones on holidays, birthdays, and all occasions. Eventually, if she showed up to someone’s house it was her way of bringing something to share.


    Coloring can also be extremely therapeutic to both child and parent. Not only does it teach children how to express feelings but also provides family bonding time with your child. Some great conversations have been had at our dinner table over a bowl of grapes and a coloring book. We discuss the school day, how we feel about whatever is going on in our lives at the moment. Not to mention all the inside jokes that are created.

    Coloring is a very calming it is a perfect activity to share with your child between dinner and story time. It relaxes and calms your child after a long active day. The coloring is also a very good and cheap activity when stuck indoors on those rainy days. Coloring books are readily available at discount stores and there are endless websites where you can download free pictures.

    Coloring is educational, creatively and emotionally beneficial to a child’s development but most importantly it is fun for everyone!