Vegan Lifestyle – The First 10 Days


    A Look At My First 10 Days In The Vegan Lifestyle

    On this the 10th day of my journey into the vegan lifestyle I am happy to report continued improvement. If I am being honest the results are better than I expected at this juncture. I didn’t doubt that this transformation would lead to better health I just didn’t expect to feel significant results this quickly. My excitement has grown tremendously and now more than ever I am confident I have made the correct choice.

    Difference In Health

    My intestinal issues continue to improve at an astonishing rate. At this point they are very close to non-existent. I am starting to feel a slight change in my sleep. I am falling asleep easier and waking up less during the night. The soreness has definitely decreased as has the muscle fatigue. My energy continues to increase not completely too where I want it to be but getting there. I work out usually 4 days a week for 1 and ½ hours, this is becoming easier with each session. Usually at the end my body lets me know its time now I have to remind myself it’s enough and I should stop. I am also noticing that even without any recovery drink or supplements the results remain the next day.

    A Sad Break-UP

    I am sad to report that I discovered Morningstar Buffalo wings are not vegan friendly so I had to say my goodbyes.  It was emotional but I drowned my sorrows in a tub of hummus and tried to forget about the pain. Breaking up is never easy but sometimes it’s for the best. Loosing cheese was probably my biggest fear in this lifestyle change. It was surprisingly easy but Admittedly I do still miss goat cheese.

    Food wise I am discovering that I am a much more creative chef then I was previously. I think you kind of get complacent with what you cook rarely straying too far. With this new journey I am constantly searching for new and creative ways to cook. I tried Seitan for the first time and truly enjoyed it, I had the chipotle flavor. The staples remain as tofu, quinoa, vegetables, tempeh, beans and of course hummus. At this point I am not missing meat except strangely tuna. My lifelong love affair with cheese is now officially over.  I made my own mozzarella cheese which was very tasty and gooey. My local market also had a variety of vegan cheeses, I tried cheddar, Monterrey and Swiss. All were good some better melted I found. The vegan cream cheese I found was in my opinion better than regular cream cheese.


    The best part is I lost another 5 lbs. in the last 6 days. Typically 2 to 3 pounds a week is a good sustainable and healthy amount. I think the 5 lbs. is my body getting rid of all the built up junk and cleaning itself out. I do not expect to continue losing weight at this rate.

    Overall I feel great and look forward to continued health Improvements.

    *I have lost a total of 7 ½ lbs.