A Woman Injects Feces Into Son’s Cancer IV

    Wish this was a fake story but it is not


    Woman Injects Feces Into Her Son’s IV

    A woman injects feces into son’s IV during his treatment for cancer – Reading the news every day you come across a lot of psychotic people but every once and awhile you come across a special kind of stupid. This lady is that I mean what the hell possessed you to think of this? That was a serious question because I really don’t get it.

    She claims it was to get her son transferred to a better unit. Really this was the best idea you could come up with? Stories like this make me so appreciative of my mother and all the other good parents in this world.

    Thank goodness she is being charged, I only hope this boy has a suitable adult to take over from here.


    Hope the boy makes a full recovery!